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I remember playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning way back in 2012 and leaving thoroughly unimpressed. Mind you, I didn’t invest much time into the game and basically wrote it off as a bit pants after an embarrassingly short playtime. Nine years later I have re-entered the re-world of Re-Reckoning and I have to say, after many hours of play, my instincts were almost spot on.

Re-Returning To Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur came into our world kicking, screaming and gushing copious amounts of suspiciously acquired cash. Ironically, this is probably how most people will feel when they decide to leave its mostly uninteresting, dated world. Kingdoms of Amalur commits the most heinous of crimes – it’s mediocre; average; passable; middling. It falls into a bland camp of games that is neither good enough to play for fun, or bad enough to play for a laugh. It basically languishes in the dark space between dimensions with its equally vacuous brethren.

But before I go on a tirade of foot-tapping, watch checking, and sighing, I may as well cover the only genuinelybeyond-bleh thing Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning has going for it – the combat. Taking a few pages out of PeterMolyneux’s Book of Free-flowing Combat, Kingdom of Amalur is refreshingly open when it comes to dishing out all manner of death. You can swing a mighty hammer around, instantly transport it into your seemingly bottomlessbag of holding, draw some daggers and get to carving up whatever gremlin is in your path. If you’re feeling extra spicy you can even engage in stealth or throw out a few spells or special abilities for good measure. Throw in dodge-rolling and stagger-inducing perfect parries and krumping enemies is a blast. There is even a time-warping murder-stance that can be used to unleash instant death on entire rooms of baddies – quite literally shattering the fabric of the universe in the process.

I found it to be rather fun and was particularly impressed at how easy it was to respec my character and alter my build. As fun as it was to mess around with, however, the amount of combat Kingdoms of Amalur expects you to partake in is rather high. After a few hours, I was feeling the tug of boredom and the simplistic, if open, nature of the system started to creep into view. It may be one of the game’s biggest strengths, but ultimately, it doesn’t do enough to save itself, let alone the whole game.

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Write your own destiny

In terms of story, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning has an interesting concept that is executed in a way that feels bloated, bland and, like everything else, boring. Players will take on the role of an ex-corpse who, due to some Gnomish shenanigans, has transcended the intricate webs of fate. Whilst plodding through the many themed biomes of Amalur, various NPCs will exposit in your general direction, often informing you that you need to go somewhere else and do more anti-fate things.

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The game uses your fatelessness as a way to explain why the player has freedom and agency. It is a secretly genius ludo narrative harmony that I certainly appreciate on a surface level. The game doesn’t really give the concept much thought beyond that surface-level intrigue, which is a shame. You are not really free to do much as the story, and world, are mostly linear. You may not be an agent of fate, but the game lacks the openness I would have come to expect from a game made post-Daggerfall.

Whilst not a true open-world, Kingdoms of Amalur does have a semi-open-world. By this, I mean it’s a series of fancy corridors and rooms of varying sizes stitched together with an appropriate theme. Enemies, NPC’s and quests are littered throughout, as well as optional dungeons and the like to keep things feeling as grand as possible. Despite these efforts, the game just isn’t all that interesting or inspiring. This is generic fantasy through and through, and nothing from the questing structure to the enemy design does anything to instill a sense of sparkly newness.

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Nothing worth doing, nobody worth talking to

Questing and character interactions are run-of-the-mill, with quests being bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. I did them not because I gave a rat’s derriere about them, but because they paid me. In the end, I put as much effort into them as the game did, and skipped over them to do more mundane story activities. The odd interesting tidbit was not enough to stave off the weariness of repetition.

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning may be a remaster, but it does very little to modernize a game that is showing its age. Menus are clunky, the camera is weirdly floaty and awkward to control (especially during combat), loading screens (on the Switch at least) are irritatingly long and very frequent, and sound effects in combat are embarrassingly bad. When I go to swing my hammer at the head of a bandit, I want to hear their innards explode out of their arse, not the vapid, badly recorded sound of someone scrunching up paper. I also had issues with stuttering and regular minor frame dips. It feels rushed. At least the game comes packaged with all the DLC of the original.

Solidly Meh

Remaster be damned though, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is a damn ugly-looking game. It reminded me a lot of Fable, only without any of the charm. Character models are ugly and comedically disproportioned, the world is varied but often smeared in vaseline-like post-processing effects. There is also a bizarre amount of out-of-place gore. Caving in the skull of a burly dude is goreless, however, performing a stealth-kill results in fountains of blood pouring out of every orifice. Sure, I found it hilarious, but it just felt out of place.

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I’ve already touched on the iffy sound effect quality, but things aren’t that much better elsewhere. The legend that is Grant Kirkhope composes the soundtrack, and he does a stellar job of creating a suitably generic fantasy score. Voice acting is passable but nothing to write home about. It’s all just…there. It exists, but not much else.

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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is, in my opinion, not worth playing. It doesn’t do anything egregiously bad, it just doesn’t do much above passable either. In a world with a seemingly infinite supply of games, there are better ways to spend your time than trundling through a mire of mediocrity.


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Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning - Review - NookGaming (6)

Adam Carr

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Forged in the rainy wilds of northern England, I carved a path of mediocrity through generations and genres. My play style is often described as: “optimistically awful”.


What is the best race to pick in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

11 Racial Bonuses

There are four races one can choose at the beginning of Kingdoms of Amalur: Almain, Varani, Ljosalfar, and Dokkalfar. The best race for beginners is the Varani because it adds bonuses for lock picking, a skill that comes in the handiest for getting loot early on in the game.

How many hours is 100 kingdoms of Amalur? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is about 31½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 104 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the max level in Kingdoms of Amalur remaster? ›

To assist with keeping things interesting and to give a progressive feel to the new challenges faced within the DLC, the level cap has also been increased by 10 levels for a new total level cap of 50, and that comes bearing an exciting new skill tree for players to dive into also.

Can you get married in Amalur? ›

It doesn't matter if your character is a girl, you still get the proposal. The wedding never seems to actually happen because Sunhilda will keep asking when or where the wedding will be in the conversation choices.

Can you max all abilities in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

This translates into earning a maximum of 120 Ability Points. Since you start the game with 1 point in each ability, there is grand total of 123 possible Ability Points (the exact amount needed to completely fill one Ability Tree).

Is Kingdoms of Amalur better than Skyrim? ›

I think Skyrim has better graphics overall. They're not as colorful but they're more jaw-dropping. Both games have fantastic visuals, but the colorful, cartoony world of Amalur is just not quite as impressive as the snowy peaks of Skyrim.

What is the strongest staff in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - 10 Best Unique Staves, Ranked
  1. 1 Staff of the Ashen Prophet.
  2. 2 Sorrow. ...
  3. 3 Seaglass. ...
  4. 4 Pyromancer. ...
  5. 5 Primal Mirror. ...
  6. 6 Lightning Rod. ...
  7. 7 Judgment. ...
  8. 8 Ivory Staff. ...
Mar 26, 2021

Can you romance in Amalur? ›

Notes. Sunhilda is a potential spouse in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, regardless of gender. She is also the only other potential love interest the Fateless One can pursue except Alyn Shir (If Persuaded), Captain Brattigan, And the Maid of Windemere.

Do the days matter in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

As of the current version, the day count serves no real purpose outside of Town Hall Quests. There is a reference in the quest Shards of Fate about a time limit to collect the shards, but that seems more a character comment than a quest limit.

What happens if you go to jail in Kingdom of Amalur? ›

Once in jail, you have no access to equipment (except what you started off when you were dead at the start of the game) and one lockpick. Breaking out of jail using the lockpick will satisfy the condition; afterward, you can retrieve your equipment and depart.

Is it possible to get all the skills in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

To max out every skill, 90 skill points would be needed. Every race gets 4 points worth of skills. By level 40, you'll have earned 40 skill points from leveling. The highest tier Might-Finesse-Magic destiny gives you +3 to every skill (for effectively 27 skill points).

At what level should I do the DLC Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

If you want the DLC gear to be maxed out, you'll have to wait until you're Level 40. Most people recommend doing it around Level 37, though, to try and farm as many Unique Items as possible.

How many houses can you get in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Where to Find Houses in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Currently, there are eight player homes available for the Fateless One within Kingdoms of Amalur. Six of these homes are available within the main game, while the other two are available after the main game and in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.

What is the strongest guardian weapon? ›

The Ancient Battle Axe++ is the strongest of the Ancient Battle Axes that can be found in the game. All the weapons that were made by Guardian Scouts are pretty powerful, but the Ancient Battle Axe++ is by far one of the best. This is the weapon that is used by the strongest Guardian Scouts.

What is the Traveler's best weapon? ›

For a full battery build, the best sword for the Electro Traveler is either Favonius or the Sacrificial Sword since both add a whopping 61% Energy Recharge.

What is the unique weapon surprise in Kingdom of Amalur? ›

Unique Weapons can be acquired at any level. They can be found in chests, hidden in rock piles or hollow logs (discovered with a Detect Hidden skill of at least 2) or given to the player after the completion of a quest. They may also be found randomly as drops from monsters.

Can you marry the Maid of Windemere? ›

Seeing as we're discussing spoilers anyway, if you spare the Maid, she's one of two characters in the game you can marry.

What happens if you spare the Maid of Windemere? ›

You will be awarded with the House of Ballads achievement or trophy regardless of the choice made. Note that the Twist of Fate is the same regardless if you spare or slay the Maid of Windemere.

Can you join every faction in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Don't stress about choosing between them, as you can join all five factions and complete their quests without any detriment.

What is the original level cap in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

The maximum level you can attain in the initial version of Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, is level 40. This translates into 40 Skill Points and 120 possible Ability Points.

Can you change your God in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™, you customize your character's Gender, Race, Patron God, Name, and physical appearance. Choose your character's hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and facial features.

How many times can you train Amalur? ›

You can only train once with each trainer. You need to meet the requirements to train, meaning you need the minimum amount of skill level, but cannot exceed the maximum.

Is there any game as good as Skyrim? ›

The Fallout Series

If that is the case, then Bethesda's Fallout games are the way to go. While Interplay and Black Isle Studios' Fallout and Fallout 2 are too dissimilar to Skyrim to make the cut, both of these RPGs have aged well courtesy of their writing and world-building.

Why did the Kingdom of Amalur flop? ›

The game failed because 38 studios failed and went under.It got media attention, and most of it bad, because of the shenanigans going on at 38 Studios. Rhoade Island (the actual state) got control of the IP because of the shenanigans with funding the studio puulled, and the IP sat, untouchable for years.

What is the best RPG like Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Recommendation for games like Kingdoms of Amalur?
  • Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim.
  • Balder's Gate/Icewind Dale series.
  • Dragon Age (both)
  • Mass Effect 1 and 2.
  • Mount & Blade.

What is the strongest hammer in Amalur? ›

The Shipbuilder's Mate is an insanely powerful unique hammer. This weapon has the highest base damage in the entire game.

What is the strongest dagger in Kingdom of Amalur? ›

The Rend and Carver unique dagger is one of the most powerful daggers in the game.

How to romance Wrex? ›

Wrex is not able to be romanced at any point in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Can you romance Sebille? ›

Sebille - Sebille's quest is in regards to her prior slave status, and players must help her kill her former Master, the Shadow Prince, to strengthen their relationship. Romancing Sebille also requires that players free the elves by destroying the Mother Tree.

What happens if you romance Stowe? ›

You'll get a brief moment to flirt with Stowe afterwards, but he won't really return the favour. As you play through the story it becomes clear that he only has eyes for Kere.

Should I go to the House of Ballads or Warsworn keep? ›

You will get the choice to go to either the House of Ballads (Faery) or Shieldring Keep (Warsworn / human). Since you can have Ost Odura give you a recommendation into Warsworn Keep, you may want to use this chance to head for the House of Ballads instead.

Should I do teeth of Naros before main quest? ›

I strongly recommend doing teeth of naros whenever you feel like, but waiting to level 20 nets better leveled gear items from the quest rewards in there.

Can you leave teeth of Naros? ›

Go to the world map not the local map and go up because the teeth of naros map is in the bottom left corner. go up and right a bit and you should see webwood and the rest. hover over any location you've already visited and you should be able to fast travel as normal.

Can you be good or evil in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

There is no karma system in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, you can do whatever you want and it wont really change anything in the game world (except very few exceptions like the Canneroc village,where you can change the fate of the village but it still wont have any impact on the rest of the game other then the village ...

What is the unlucky amulet in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Unlucky Charm is a side mission given by one of two people: (1) A bleeding guy in Emaire will ask you retrieve some amulet after giving you a sob story about being robbed on the road. If your Detect Hidden is high enough, you can choose the extra dialogue option and pick apart the guy's lies.

Who is the villain in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Tirnoch, known to the Tuatha Deohn and their leader Gadflow, as the Goddess under the Mountain, and Tirnoch the Merciful, is the true antagonist of the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Which should one choose to save Kingdom of Amalur? ›

Pick which one you will save first. If you want to save the Counsel first, go south. You will get more dialogue with him and Secandra, but the slaves will be dead when you come to help them. If you want to save the slaves first, go east.

Can you join all factions in Amalur? ›

Don't stress about choosing between them, as you can join all five factions and complete their quests without any detriment.

What are the best starting skills in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Detect Hidden and Mercantile are the best skills in the early game, you NEED money in the begin to buy better weapons, accessories and other stuff. After you get lvl 5 in Detect Hidden you can start developing others skills (Level 5 because in this level you unlock Hidden Doors, which holds very good loots).

Can you own a house in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Unlike most games where players are expected to pay a hefty in-game fee to purchase a house, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning players can obtain houses through quests with the ability to upgrade the house with gold. Gossamer End can be obtained after completing the quest A Tangled Web.

Who is the canon protagonist in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Description. The Fateless One is the protagonist in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a mortal being who was resurrected in Fomorous Hugues' Well of Souls - the first and last "true" success of the project before the Tuatha Deohn destroyed it.

What skill is Alfyn best at? ›

Alfyn (Apothecary)

His mixing abilities require a little more studiousness. Just because Alfyn is an apothecary doesn't mean he can't tango in combat. Alfyn's biggest strength is that he starts with a cheap healing spell in first aid, which merely drains SP (skill points) instead of consuming an expensive item.


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